TV Establishment Survey (TES) – 2003

The TV Establishment Survey was conducted in 2003 with a sample size of 12,000 covering the top 10 cities of Urban India.

Multimedia Time Budget (MTB) study – 2004

MTB (Multimedia time budget studies) tends to view media consumption in totality with respect to the exposure of an individual to various media ,i.e., print, outdoor, electronic, etc. along with the time slots, activities done in conjunction, daily routine etc. The sample covered for this survey was 3300 in top ten cities.

National Readership Survey – 2005

Newspaper Readership Survey (NRS) set out to provide estimates of the number and nature of the people who read India’s newspapers and magazines. The focal point of this readership survey was newspaper and magazine readership, and helps planners evaluate community newspapers & magazines against television, radio, etc. Other areas that were covered included profiling information, i.e., establishment information to profile households and some lifestyle variables. The sample for the survey is 8000,

Teen & Youth Panel (TYP)

The Teen & Youth panel is a large scale syndicated quantitative panel survey. This panel is organized to be able to attain a sharper focus on the teen and youth market. FMCG’s and telecom companies have subscribed to this panel survey. The sample for the study was 1520, conducted in the top 3 cities of India.

Media Reality of Kids

Kids Media Reality was a syndicated quantitative survey conducted in the top three cities. The underlying purpose was to understand this segment in terms of their media habits, life styles, consumption and spending habits.

International Trade Center (ITC)

ITC arranges annual trade meetings among buyers & sellers from the member countries to boost trade and development. Aftab Associates role as local consultant was to identify potential companies from the local industry who can be buyers or sellers of various products in health care sector. Our role further extended marketing of the event to the local companies for their participation and in turn increasing the trade ties with the regional countries.


This consultancy service is currently on going. Probe & Search is involved in working with ITC & WTO in identifying the impact of implementation of WTO regulation and recommending remedial measures in various sectors:

  • Footwear Sector
  • Sports Goods sector
  • Furniture Sector
  • Auto-parts Sector
  • Pharmaceuticals sect or

Banking Surveys

To provide a detailed profile of banking customers and their banking needs and habits different surveys were conducted in urban India. Sample size of these surveys ranged from 1000-2500.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

To know current level of customer satisfaction and to understand drivers of satisfaction different customer satisfaction surveys were conducted pertaining to different sectors.

Blend Test Studies/Placement Studies - 2006

Basic objective of the “Blend Test/Placement Study” is to decide which of the test blends is more acceptable to the consumers. To derive this decision each target consumer is visited at three-four times during the project.

Segmentation Studies

Meaningful customer segments are very important to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Therefore various clients especially FMCG sector people keep on finding their target segments and their profile from time to time. Probe & Search has helped clients in segmenting their target market. These studies were conducted in major cities of India with sample size of 700-1600.

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