Our head office is at Delhi. However, we have complete team of researchers and field managers who are capable to handle any kind of survey across India and Asia pacific region. We have local operation in major cities in India...

To monitor the field activities other than field’s own back checking through supervisor we have independent Quality Assurance department.

Field Work

Fieldwork is the most crucial stage of any survey and explicit actions and processes are undertaken by the project in-charge to ensure smooth functioning of fieldwork.

The project manager gives intimation, briefing dates, starting and ending of fieldwork, final questionnaires, briefing notes, sampling details, and all relevant material to the field manager. The project in-charge will attend all briefings and accompany certain number of interviews.

A daily field status sheet will be received from the Field Department and a consolidated weekly status will be shared with the client.

For fieldwork purposes, two things will be assured i.e. quality control and proper execution. However, for proper execution training of field team matters a lot.

Field Training

We will have 2-5 days training sessions at different locations depending upon the nature of project. Training session will proceed in the following way.

  • An Overview of the project and questionnaire briefing
  • In house mock session
  • Field mock
  • Feed back on field mock

In overview of the project and questionnaire briefing to supervisor and interviewer. Interviewing instructions, Guidelines to fill the questionnaire, Screening & recruiting instructions, other important information to understand the essence of survey is discussed.

In house mock session: Purpose of in house mock is to check level of understanding of interviewers and their grip on questionnaire.

Field mock: we will send all teams in field and will do mock interviews on few establishments. Here they get the actual exposure of the whole process i.e. interviewing with head of establishment, housewife or any other target respondentís category.

Feed back: Feed back on field mock will be given to improve the work of surveyors and to enhance their understanding with respect to questionnaire handling.

Through this detailed training session we will evaluate and select the up to the mark surveyors for the activity. In these training sessions, we train more than required number of surveyors to counter the low performers and to tackle refusals due to any reason.

Client Participation

Clientís participation in these training sessions is encouraged.

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