Quality Control is an integral part of the entire research process. QA verifies 30 to 50% fieldwork of every interviewer through QA own independent field team. These forms are randomly selected from overall forms of every surveyor. QA activity is done simultaneously with the fieldwork and reports are submitted as progress goes on to project in-charge and field department. If any case is reported to the Field, they are bound to clear it within 24 hours. However, concerned person would be penalized according to the company rules. Detailed reporting format can be provided upon client’s request.

To monitor the progress of survey and quality standards client is more than welcome to have accompanied field visits with surveyors or with quality assurance team. Following is the overall process of QA at field level.

  • Supervisor of each team will be responsible for quality assurance of his team.
  • Quality assurance surveyor will have surprise visits on daily basis and will observe working of every team member.
  • Quality assurance surveyor will back check the completed work of all surveyors.
  • Quality assurance supervisor will have surprise visits to check working of quality assurance surveyors and field teams
  • Field executive will have surprise visit to check his teams.

Through above mentioned process (field back checking done by supervisor and then Quality Assurance’s department back checking) 20-30% work of every surveyor is rechecked for more authentic results.

In today’s business environment data must be trusted. That is the reason why we at Probe & Search take control seriously .100 % interviews are monitored closely through various tools and at least 30 to 50 % interviews are backchecked extensively . Those interviewers, failing our quality standard are re-trained, or replaced. That means , you can trust the data we send and rely on the output you need.

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